Publih On: 2023-12-02

Access on src/pages/gallery/video

gallery/video this area for update your gallery video page

Note: don’t delete [].astro files.


layout: ../../../design/gallery/videopost.astro # default themes
title: Insert title in here..
description: Description in here..
image: insert url image here...
video: Copy the back of the video URL from YouTube , example B6RpLTSCz5o - or you can check on example md files
pubDate: insert publish date here.. # example : 2023-12-05
tags: ["insert tag here,," , "tag1" , "tag2"]
categories: 'insert categories here..'
Write content in here...

after you have update, save it.

For simple and fast step, you can copy and paste from example .md files then edit with your needed.

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Creative Photo ART

Creative Photo ART

Berkarya lah dengan kegilaan yang mahal, bukan berkarya dengan kemahalan yang gila - The ART of Photography.

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